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The Danish Church Abroad / Danish Seamen's Church is a young organization founded 1st January 2004 as the result of a fusion between The Danish Church Abroad and The Danish Seamen's Church in Foreign Ports. The Danish Church Abroad / Danish Seamen's Church is working on an Evangelical-Lutheran foundation and in affiliation with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark. 


53 Danish seamen's- and overseas churches lie spread over the whole planet in cities with many Danish residents and in sea ports with many visiting Danish ships, as well as in South Slesvig. 

The Danish seamen's- and overseas churches are to be found in Europe, Asia, Australia, USA, Canada, Argentina and Jerusalem. Each church has one or more Danish ministers appointed to ensure an ecclesiastical service after the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark´s customs and practice – for Danes outside the country’s borders.  

The seamen's churches in the large port cities provide a base for extensive on board visits to Danish ships calling at the World’s largest ports. The Danish Church Abroad / Danish Seamen's Church are led by a board of governors. 

At home, administration has 10 employees led by Pastor Margith Pedersen who is the secretary general.         

By far the greatest part of our expenses are covered by fund raising and by contributions from our congregations, while the Danish Ministry for Ecclesiastical Affairs gives a grant that covers a substantial part of salary expenses.


The Danish Church Abroad / Danish Seamen's Church  was founded with the purpose of being able to  preserve, develop and strengthen the national churchs efforts for Danish citizens who are working, studying or holidaying abroad. 

50.000 Danes and people with Danish sympathies live in South Slesvig. They need Danish churches and ministers. 

Danish congregations who have chosen to settle permanently in a foreign country can be found around the world; The Danish Church Abroad / Danish Seamen's Church is also for them.     

Representatives, young, tourists 
Every single year thousands of Danes visit foreign lands for longer or shorter periods. Families move abroad because one partner receives a stationing abroad, young people study, take an au-pair job or receive training in an international company. Tens of thousands of others travel around the world. 

Where there are the most Danes in residence is where you will find Danish Church Abroad / Danish Seamen's Church. Our wish is to be able to reach even more places; that is an economic question.   

One of the most important tasks for is looking after the seafarers on board the approximately 600 Danish commercial ships. There are seamen's churches in ten of the world's largest ports, acting both as church and meeting place for Danes on the move. 

When a Danish ship calls at a port, the seamanschaplain or his/her assistant will visit on board. The seamanschaplains visit on board is the busy seafarers contact with the Danish national church. Where the seamen's church is to be found out on the quay, the seafarers themselves frequently make use of the church rooms.     


Many Danish emigrants live in Canada, Argentina and Australia.  Though they have chosen to settle in a foreign country, they still feel a bond with Denmark and the Danish church. For them it is of great importance that they can connect with the Danish national church via Danish Church Abroad / Danish Seamen's Church.   

South Slesvig
The Danish minority in South Slesvig is served by 24 ministers in 39 congregations forming the union of Danish Church in South Slesvig. To be able to hear sermons in Danish according to Danish customs is an invaluable asset for our countrymen living south of the Danish-German border.   

Our churches

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